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One of the most important steps of buying a yacht is its insurance.

Usually insure the full value of a yacht by CASKO as well as third party liability.

The cost of insuring of each object is determined individually, based on the operating conditions.

The average cost is 3% of the value of the yacht.

What and how to insure

Insurance CASKO reimbursed losses associated with the total loss of the insured object, both actual and constructive, as well as the cost of removing the damaged hull, machinery and equipment that has occurred as a result of:

  • fire or explosion, natural disasters;
  • breakdown of machinery and equipment;
  • capsizing, grounding, collision with other boats, floating and fixed objects;
  • of accidents during operations for loading or unloading, lifting and lowering of the insured vessel on the water, overload or reinstalling during storage;
  • Illegal actions of third parties, including the theft of the insured object or its parts.

In the agreed limit it can be insured your responsibility (liability of the shipowner):

  • damage to life and health of third parties;
  • collision with other vessels, floating and fixed objects;
  • pollution, etc.

Additional types of insurance: military risks and risks of civil unrest; delivery of vessel.

Because of high importance of this service, we are ready to recommend you the insurance company that can protect you and your yacht in the best way.

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