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Reliability, proven in Russia
In Russia we know that reliability is hidden in simplicity. The steel hull is not an innovation, but in fight with waves Popilov yachts will not relinquish: the occasional jolts or collisions with obstacles will not interrupt your voyage.
Sea endurance and expedition
The World's largest country aims to inspire longer voyages! With Popilov Yachts you can plan real expeditions without second-guessing the opportunities of the hull. The reserves of fuel and fresh water, as the economical cruising mode of the Popilov Yachts are designed to allow discovering of even the most remote places during a single voyage.
Individual approach
Popilov Yachts is a fairly young company. We are writing our history today and we want our clients to join us. That's why we are ready to meet our clients’ needs and wishes in anything that does not contradict common sense and safety. And why not, as we are not constricted by outdated traditions and rules!
Yacht lineup from Popilov Yachts