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About company

Nowadays, yacht – is much more than a luxury or status. It is a degree of freedom, a way to get into the world of new experiences and capabilities, and this method should be reliable.


This is the main thesis, which guided our company since 2012 in construction our steel yachts from 16- to 24 meters.

The shipyard is located in Sevastopol and this is no accident. Crimea, as a whole, and Sevastopol, in particular, has long been known for its traditions of shipbuilding.


For years, there is a dispute on the subject which material to use for the hull of the yacht: steel, plastic, wood? The answer is simple and obvious: the top 30 world-renowned yachts made of steel!


What thoughts occur humans with the word “home”? Heat. Cosiness. Comfort. Security.

Combination of these qualities is the main thing for us in the construction of yachts.

We are trusted

Company POPILOV Yachts - the official dealer of many well-known European manufacturers of yacht equipment, which is widely represented in the large showroom of the company in Balaklava.

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